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    "No owner, keeper, or harborer of a dog more than three months of age, nor owner of a dog kennel, shall fail to file the application for registration required by section 955.01 of the Revised Code, nor shall he fail to pay the legal fee therefor." The penalty for violating this law is a maximum of $100.00 for the first offense and $250.00 and 30 days in jail for any subsequent offense.

Dog License can be purchased at the Licking County Auditor's Office, the Licking County Auditor's Satellite Office in Pataskala, and the Licking County Animal Shelter.

All current dog laws are found in Revised Code Chapter 955. Go to:









Per Ohio Revised Code 955.10 all dog owners are required to have their dogs wear a current tag affiliated with its current county license. Once you purchase your dog’s current license you must somehow attach it to your dog.


O.R.C 955.10 “No owner of a dog, except a dog constantly confined to a dog kennel registered under this chapter or one licensed under Chapter 956. of the Revised Code, shall fail to require the dog to wear, at all times, a valid tag issued in connection with a certificate of registration. A dog found not wearing at any time a valid tag shall be prima-facie evidence of lack of registration and shall subject any dog found not wearing such a tag to impounding, sale, or destruction.










Licking County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center

544 Dog Leg Road
Heath, Ohio, 43056
Phone (740)349-6563


Located at the corner of S.R. 13 & Hopewell Dr.

Shelter hours are from 8am to 4pm Sunday through Saturday for walk-in lost pet/adoption services. Phone hours are 8am to 4pm Monday through Saturday. Closed Sunday and all legal holidays.

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